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Cover Art

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-hidden secret. I am IN LOVE with the cover for my new book, Amazon in Exile. I may have even squealed when I saw it come in from the designer for the first time. Seriously. It’s possible it was only audible to my dogs…

But how did it come about? The answer my friends, is This being my first book, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do for a cover. I had some vague ideas (some might say too many. I might be a bit of a control freak), but I am not a graphic artist. I asked around for recommendations, but ultimately someone pointed me in the direction of 99designs.

99designs is a really cool concept. I (as the author) went to the website and filled out a form describing vaguely what I was looking for. You can include color ideas, concept art, book descriptions, and more. Then I opened a contest. The graphic designers on the other hand, sort through all the various contests that are available, and pick and choose which ones they want to submit to.

It was a fascinating several days as my husband and I sat back and watched dozens of designers submit ideas for what they thought the cover of the book should look like. At first they ranged from “Did you even read the description?” to “Okay, I could probably work with that.” And then, one fateful afternoon, came a design by GraphicSoul ( The first submission didn’t look like what you see above, but it was still amazing. Head and shoulders above the rest.

For the duration of the contest, I was able to go back and forth with the designers to have adjustments made to their designs (e.g., “No, the Amazon warriors are not from the Amazon jungle, they’re actually an ancient Greek myth…”). At the end of the week long event, I declared the winner and wound up with what I believe to be the most perfect cover imaginable. (I may be a bit biased though.) I can’t wait to see what GraphicSoul comes up with for books two and three.

So, in case you missed the big announcement, the first book in the Amazons of Themyscira trilogy, Amazon in Exile, is now available for pre-order for ebook readers. Ebook, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited versions will all be available, October 1, 2023.