Amazons of Themyscira Series

Exiled and overthrown.

Kalliope James was content to hide from her painful past until a chance encounter with sexy anthropology professor Sam Treadwell changes everything. An expert in Greek mythology, Sam knows more about the Amazon warriors than anyone, including Kalli herself—an immortal former queen of the Amazons who was banished from her homeland.

The life Kalli thought she’d left behind comes back to haunt her when Eris, a fellow exiled Amazon turned international smuggler and arms dealer, threatens the very existence of her people.

Kalli and Sam must race across the globe to stop Eris from carrying out her deadly plans. But, can Kalli confront her own personal demons—and her growing attraction to Sam—in time to avert disaster?

Darkness covers all manner of sins.

Selene Blackburn spends her nights fighting for the victims who fall through the cracks. She may no longer call herself an Amazon, but she can use her powers to punish those who deserve it.

Colin Wolfe uses the cover of darkness to slip in and out of places he’s not supposed to be, pilfering antiquities to sell to the highest bidder.

When Colin stumbles into the Amazon homeland, he hears Nyx, the tyrannical former Amazon queen, plotting to find the one artifact with the power to secure her rule forever. Selene needs Colin’s help to recover the artifact before it falls into Nyx’s hands.

Can Selene overcome her hatred of criminals—and ignore her undeniable attraction to one criminal in particular—in time to save the world from Nyx’s vicious rule?