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Starting Fresh

Hey there out in reader land. You may (or may not) have realized that I’ve been a bit absent lately and haven’t posted a new blog entry in… oh, say, three years. There are reasons for that—reasons that have to do with “real life” and “jobs” and “moving across the country…three times”.

During that time, I did a lot of thinking about what I wanted to do with my writing. My heart had always been dead set on going the route of traditional publishing. That was what I wanted to do when I was a kid, so that’s clearly what I needed to do as an adult. Or something like that anyway. But maybe I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the concept of traditional publishing. There’s something truly awesome about the idea that a big publishing house picked YOU. They think that your book is worthy enough to add to their very selective line of publications. That is a source of acknowledgement that someone out there believes in you.

But the reality is that that’s not the way things are going right now in Romanclandia. Romance readers as a whole are a voracious group. They read books at a rate that traditional publishing houses can’t keep up with. Self publishing is increasingly the way to go to get your romance novels in front of the folks that are interested in reading them.

So where does that leave me? Well, the answer is… changing tactics. I’ve spent the last few years trying out new things and deciding where to go from here. I’ve worked with editors and cover designers and beta readers. I’ve had fun branching out into new (to me!) areas. And, of course, writing, writing, writing.

I have some news coming out (very soon!) that I hope you’ll all be excited about. Check back soon if you’re waiting on the edge of your seat to figure out what it could possibly be.