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I’m a Real Live Person, I Swear!

Now that book one is out the door (Amazon in Exile, have you read it yet???) and revisions for book two are well on their way, it’s time to conquer a new milestone. Yes, if you can believe it, this introverted person that prefers books to humans has signed up for not one, but TWO in-person author/reader books signing events.

Since the second event isn’t until April 2024, I’ll tell you more about that one later, but the first event is rapidly approaching, and I figured I should probably let people know about it. So, dear readers, I introduce you to Lust in the City.

Lust in the City is a two-day event taking place November 3-4, 2023, in Owosso, MI and has author/reader speed dating, book signings, and an after party for anyone interested in sticking around after the main event.

I’m excited to be included in this fantastic event and will have copies of my book on hand for people to purchase. And, since I’ll be there in person, if you stop by my booth I’ll even autograph your copy for you. Plus, if you get there early enough, you might be able to snag some swag and enter a raffle for a really amazing prize basket.

I hope to see you there!