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Release Day!

Welp, here it is. Release day for book two, Amazon in Darkness. Can you believe it?

I sure can. Release day comes with a strange set of feelings. The biggest one is excitement, of course. This thing that’s been living inside of you that only a few others have gotten a chance to see before is now available for the world to read. It’s exciting and scary and an emotional rollercoaster of a day.

For the readers, with any luck, it’s a day where their anticipation gets satisfied. The author has been teasing them, dropping hints, doing cover reveals, and announcements on social media. Now finally, the day is here and the book is available. Readers can rush out and order the paperback or have the eBook instantly delivered to their Kindles and iPads. Let the enjoyment commence!

From the author’s perspective, however, the events look very different. You spend months writing the book. Then you revise it (sometimes more than once). Then you send it to other people to read and get their feedback. And then you revise it again. Then you have an editor(s) review it. And then (can you guess where I’m going with this…) you revise it, AGAIN. Throw in some cover design, social media posting, and book formatting, and all in all, it’s a pretty lengthy process to get the final product into the hands of those excited readers.

So while there’s definitely intense excitement on release day (Will people buy the book? Will they love the book? What if they hate the book? How many new sales have I gotten in the last 2.5 seconds?) there’s also a sense of relief. This book baby is off in the world on its own, standing on its wobbly legs like a baby giraffe. There’s not much else for the author to do except sit back and watch and wait and hope.

Oh yeah, and start working on book three.