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Progress Despite Being Sick

Last week I challenged myself to buckle down and get some editing done. Of course fate promptly laughed in my face.

First the good news. I did make some (small) amounts of progress towards my goal of having my current manuscript edited (for the second time) by April 12. First and foremost: I had a beta reader take a look at it a few months ago and I finally manged to make it through her suggestions and changes. Well, all but one, which will take a bit of thought on how to fix. Secondly, I printed out a new clean copy of my manuscript which is now waiting for red ink.

My manuscript binder

I managed to get to page… 23. Out of 258. Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, right?

Now, on to the bad news. Last Friday I came down with a cold. I spent the whole weekend with a fever (what a waste of a perfectly good weekend!). I finally managed to head back to my day job on Tuesday only to lose my voice. Yes, that’s right, I now have laryngitis and can’t talk. Lucky for me, I get to practice a whole new field of writing called “Typing into my phone’s text-to-speech app so I can communicate with my family”. Trust me, it’s as thrilling as it sounds. For a self-proclaimed introvert, it’s amazing how many people you still need to interact with during the day, and not being able to talk sure puts a damper on that.

All in all, off to a bit of a slow start with this editing pass, but maybe this laryngitis thing will be a gift in disguise. I can assure you it makes me far less likely to leave the house when I can’t even interact with store cashiers normally.

Maybe I can translate that into more time working on my writing.