Off Topic

Life Gets In The Way

It happens to us all, dear reader.

This past week, life has most definitely gotten in the way. My day job has kept me busy, and my personal life went nuts too.

We’ve had a house sitting on the market (empty) for eight months. We had a very early offer which fell through the day before we were supposed to close. Since then, we’ve had a trickle of people come to see it, but no other offers. Until last Saturday. The offer was nowhere near what we were hoping for, but it was something. We had a choice to make. Ultimately, after much debate and anguish, we accepted it. It’s been a busy few days.

The point of me telling you this isn’t to focus on the house. It’s to acknowledge that sometimes life gets in the way. We don’t get to do what we wanted to do, or what we planned to do. Instead, we do what’s put in front of us.

So, sadly, no pearls of writing wisdom for today. Just a simple truth. Sometimes other things are more important.