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Writing With a Full-Time Career

I would love to be a full-time author. However, as with many (dare I say most?) other authors, I have a career that takes much of my time. That means that when I would love nothing more than to spend all day writing or really digging into editing or brainstorming, I usually have to say no. It also means that I have to find the time and energy to work on my author career around my regular 9-5.

I’m relatively lucky in the fact that if I’m motivated and dedicated, the time is there for the taking. That does mean that other things often take a back burner. My house isn’t as clean as I would like, I don’t always have the energy to do stuff with my family like I’d like to, and I don’t get to goof off as much as I’d like.

It also means that when I come home from a long day, yet dinner still needs to happen, and kids still need to be greeted, and dogs still need to be fed, and all I want to do is zone out and watch some TV, I still need to make sure I put in the effort. Words still need to be written, chapters still need to be edited, and blog posts still need to be posted. Because the only way to be able to make writing my full-time profession is to put in the effort.

So, I do.